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Confira a Letra In Praise Of Others


In Praise Of Others

It's hard to glorify others due to my intense pride. Even amongst friends, you'll find I sit and criticize. It's what I do best, it's how I forget my actual size. A lease that ties me to this world. A wicked mind brought me to this world Lord. Please help me move forward. I've been guilty so long, I know that I'm wrong. Please help me sing this song in praise of others. Can I glorify others, my sisters and my brothers or anyone else? Each fault that I find with you I find tenfold in myself. Envy: a disease, it's inside of me. But I'm the loser in the end. (I should've blamed myself instead of everyone else.) God forbid they find fault with me - we're instant enemies. How dare I see myself honestly as others may see. A proud fool I turn away, won't hear what they say, it might benefit me. And I remained tied, in this net of pride, but I want to be free!