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Confira a Letra Loss Disguided As Gain


Loss Disguided As Gain

So we're flying down the freeway,
but we don't know where we're headed.
Don't ask for directions, no one knows.
Flying to our destination when we're there, will we regret it?
Don't ask all these questions, let's just go.
Something you just can't explain.
Get it all but we're insane.
I see loss disguised as gain.
Yes I want the reason why we're running 'round this earth in fear of a connection with ourselves.
My greatest fear in life is all I've worked for has no worth.
And not to recognize what's my real wealth.
Still our wheels are going round.
My feet never touch the ground.
Am I lost or am I found?
Yes I know I reach things.
That will perish in my hands.
Nothing here's forever that I know.
But life is moving quickly ad I cannot comprehend.
Yes I stumble but hope that I grow.

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