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Confira a Letra Miditation



Musical Instrument Divine Interface
Miditate over music in this infinite space

So I flip through the torn pages of memoirs
this long story short, script, film to screen
raw & unedited, the director's cut
uncooked tossed salad of emotes from the gut
like what it feels to be the protagonist in agony
tagging these lines in ignorance is...
luckily I survived through the loneliness
only this time to find a friend in myself
now enough about me, me, me
let's talk about what this brother over here
can do with that brother over there
if they only cared and bothered to
look past the indifferences
discrepancies in point of references
what we perceive life through our five senses
phenomenal world bring the experience in
full color 3-dimensional well-being
straight up, music is my faith
it's my way of calling god's name
without knowing his or her face, or vice versa
live spectacle with no rehearsal
to recreate long-lost heaven on earth
universal soldiers equipped with wisdom
respond beyond call to build the kingdom
starved bodies and minds we've got to feed'em
fear not, keep straight the path to freedom

Musical Instrument Divine Interface
miditate over music in this infinite space

like a virgin flight to the moon on the tube
innocence lost all too soon
unto whom it may concern very dearly
like a diary in the attic had it been
frank like an anatomical analysis
of a pulsating organ longing for a new sound-scape
on the tape demonstrate strapped with a hot beat
'cause the prince of peace goes to war with heat
to restore order, in this concrete rubble
steel column enforced still crumbled to the asphalt
never will be solid as a rock
the whole land shook yet no evidence of a fault
the sharp fall of the stock of the beast preceded
by a series of sign o' the times unheeded
frail balance on the beam from the outer
domain of the host of a chance encounter
we're souls with real deficit of affection
bar none, kick start the session
for a destined vision of an uprise, unite the untied
our dream defies
any convention center full of schemes
we got the conviction
enter for the fiend,
the means to let the vocal heard in all of the units and
global herd we nod in unison
as simple as a dope hit y'all relate
as pretty as a dimple in a smile that'll make
my day go smoother than a baby's cheek
stimulate my mind like a motherhuggin' chi
epitome of an energy
that I wanna emulate
if not, then yeah, just to have you elate
cuz it's never too late
for the sake of love to create

Musical Instrument Divine Interface
miditate over music in this infinite space

inhale fresh air full of natural vibes
exhale all the trouble that's weighing my mind
inhale new day, another lesson in life
exhale all the camouflaged pain and strife...