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Confira a Letra 400



400! letters simmered in the self to let the words sink in
400! split in twain the 800 lies of society
400! letters simmered in the self and let the words sink in
400! word of mouth over beats nullify mass media

The lead point brush, sitting under a tree
The sunshine exposes feelings cast away
Work my way through crowded emotions to reach the innermost core
The world we have created today, surrounded by fear of catastrophe
feeling totally helpless unable to find the purpose, living in vain
so I meditate on the true definition of work:
a cause to devote your body and soul, plus the reality of paying bills
the right tools, time, and environment are not enough to realize a vision
broken dreams, forced labor, everything is for a meal
money infesting every mind, savings bound to get jacked
so some wanna quit being human? how silly,
blood, flesh, and bones don't perish that easy
time to wake up the inner spirit, recall the childhood dream right here

Goals only the youth can achieve, but the system dictates to respect authority
end up killing curious minds and potential
pledge allegiance to the new flag proposing fresh values
store the energy to revolt, singlehandedly directing brothers and rogues
the other hand grabbing the tail of the beast behind the curtain
dumb adults running the show today better watch their backs tomorrow
a word for the kids too, until you're independent you're always a kid.
but if you can finish a full meal you're already a role model to some.
until you can feed two mouths you can't even support a woman.
when you're responsible for the third you're the sole chief of a family tribe.
so know your path while you're single, prepare for decision
cover the necessities, raise your hands if you do your own dishes and laundry!

old men who can't even handle computers calling the shots
no clue how to handle the youth, they're scared to tell you the truth
but they ignore the sore spot, no plans to act but pretend to be down
is that all you can offer? that's why the real communication lies
between the same generation across different generations, not vice versa
recognize the critical issues and minds before the deadline
there's no fancy theme or glory to what's happening next
just kids in this nation putting thier lives on the line
best believe one soul can make a difference in a hunderd others
cut the bs, the rebel strikes back, armed with art