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Confira a Letra Gigabyte



1960's, a dollar is a few hundred yens, the time creates a line of products; so-called a "computer" a machine whose main function was calculation is put on mass production a culmination of the human technological development a messiah long awaited by the information age, a religion called science the forefront of technology, indeed it's more advanced than the Greek Age... organize data, computers grow steadily along the evolution theory a mind-blowing advancement, sprouting corporations, an unstoppable "market" The beast pulses a million times in one second The answer spit out by megabytes is always correct, AI (artificial intelligence), a machine displaying understanding artificial intelligence approaches the function of the human's right and left halves brain counterparts, that's the current situation An electric signal that runs through an intricate wiring is analogous to a nerve stimuli running trough a meticulous thought process a competition for speed humans may have an edge over computers, however the only aspect where humans have an advantage is the input range of information The information constantly input through the eye surpasses the limit of computer ports Turn on the power and check the internals, where you can "hear" the concerto of 0's and 1's transfer of data the memory starts running, time is split into minute increments computer chips are time travelling, an independent life form, world's biggest army
The system with consecutive 23rd letter provides the information network for the third disaster (three w's create W.W.three) A ruling society created by the last artillery of the 20th century, a dead archipelago internet, the virtual space is a J-walking pedestrian-heaven but a no-exit hell for travellers confiscated passports are utilized for a restrictive system killing individualism, Its expansion is worldwide, overwhelming AVOID THE MARK AND FIGHT THE LABEL, automation of the system parallels human's aging generation the hallway of evolution has been completely shut down