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Confira a Letra Luv (sic) - Parte 4


Luv (sic) - Parte 4

Snow flakes in January
Heart warm like February
I wouldn't ordinarily
March to the drum, play a fool like April
May the best dance in a Juno bridal
Power of the will, Julius and Augustus
Aw you know, it's just us
In a new semester, back in September
Boy, I wonder if you still remember

Meet me half way from mars to Venus
Beep beep, the chase is on between us
Retweet the sweetest piece of confection
Hand made device for remote connection
Ask a question
Wait for an answer and make a suggestion
A time and a place for a first impression
Second and third to a fourth dimension
Rise above the weights that hold us captive
To a square, swear that I, I the captain to
Cruise in sci-fi, red sky burn like sapphire
A moth to a fire, but we can fly higher
Till we reach an apex
We fit tight like a glove with the latex
Bring it down to earth for a cooling session
Laying sideways and glazed in essence
Gazed each other in the eye to find galaxies of
Uncharted nebulas
Heard joy over spilled milk on a quilt, of lavender
Woven in the fabric of our calendar
Dress up at the end of October
Give thanks to the fam in November
A cold but cozy December
And we're back to the origin, so let me begin

When you took my hand, I couldn't hide it
Way too delighted
Tried to ride it cool but obliged to write it
Wouldn't fight it, how my watch paused
When I put my lips on your eyelids
The lost second, deposit in a memory bank
Every chance I pocketed a cent
A blank check with ya signature
Font sans serif, the curvature, a lone harbinger
With toys play coy like fish in a pond
Fond words serve poems like dish
Life is short like a doggone leash
Or a fuse in an open circuitry
That got struck by lightning
Hang a painting on the wall over the writing
Brighten up the room for a private dining
Increase the peace and cease the anxiety
Spread love and cc: the whole society
You got me shooting off on a tangent
Like I always do when I'm on the fringe
And the tally of the letters will reach
The valley where the wings will seek
A series so classic at the top of October
Give thanks to the fam in November
A cold but cozy December
And we're back to the origin, so let me begin