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Confira a Letra Too Late for Hunter


Too Late for Hunter

I see the fire in the sky
Blinding light that fills the air
Storm clouds gather, thunder rolls
Lightning strikes through the heart

In the dark of the night
Lonely voices fill the air
Dead or alive, blood for money
Caught in the crossfire city nights

I see a smile on his face
Too late for the hunter
All is lost without a trace
Too late for the hunter
Pressures high, its gonna blow
Too late for the hunter
Look out girl, he'll steal the show
Too late for the hunter

City lights, the storm is breaking, wild boys gotta gun
Tonight's the night, look of evil in his eyes, dark night , in the city
Warning lights, there's danger everywhere, you'd better open your eyes
He's on the run, shadow in the night, loaded gun in his hand


Its too late for the hunter (ad infinitum)