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Confira a Letra Can't Live Without Your Love


Can't Live Without Your Love

Yesterdays gone
You can't see the tears I cried
Here on my own, you're a world away
Remember when our love was strong
Times have changed and the fire has gone
Pride builds a wall that nothing can break

There's no turning back
No turning back
Tomorrows the future
Who knows what it brings
We sailed out together
Were drifting apart

Can't live without your love (x3)
You got me on the run
Can't live without your love

The final night
Promises made, never to be broken
But just one mistake and you walked away
You say you thought about it
But your eyes are so cold
Only love can break down this wall of pride


Can't live without your love (x3)
I need a little time
Can't live without your love