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Confira a Letra First Time


First Time

She plays tricks on my mind
I can't forget she twists the truth all the time
It's too late now
She's in control

She can set the night on fore
Sometimes I feel I put my heart on the line
Like dynamite, love can blow you away

First time
I can't make it on my own
This is the first time
It's too late now the damage is done

Passions a chain you can't break free
It burns like a fire into my veins
Like a shot to the heart and she's got the gun

My reaction caught me off guard
I'm going crazy now...ain't that a shame
It's an illegal crime and love is to blame


First time
There ain't no way to save me now
This is the first time
I'm playing for keeps there's no turning back



There ain't no way to save me now