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Confira a Letra Out of Love Again


Out of Love Again

Out of love again (x3)
Yeah I'm out of love again

I knew I wanted you the very first night
I made a move and you acted so fine
But there's never a fire
Without a flame

You say its alright to have a good time
Don't take it too far
Don't cross the line
Others have tried
But no-ones come close


I should know better
I've made my mistake
I'm just another heart that you break
I'm burning for love
And there's no holding back

They say I'm a fool
But I wont give in
Maybe you're wild
But that don't mean a thing
You're bad to the bone
But I'm playing to win

The painted smile on your face
I'm just pawn in your little game
Picture of pleasure
Got a bad reputation
You're like the kiss of death