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Confira a Letra Address

Simon Joyner


Just give me the address
Just try to stay conscious
And don't do anything too drastic
I'll be there in fifteen minutes flat
So i can carry you to the car
And take you to the emergency
And you can watch the stars kick off
And you can watch the stars run out
Like spit smeared down your cheek
You just couldn't hold your head up
Because you can't keep your food in
They ran an x-ray on your soul and they
Found that it was frozen
So you searched for a motel marquee
With a nobody-lives-here neon vacancy
And you called me from that fresh hell-hole
Cause you couldn't remember how much or how
You ever swallowed
Just give me the directions
Just tell me where you are
All of your angels' nerves are shot
Their wings are stuffed in pickle jars
But i'll carry you to the car
Remember what your mama said
Rhe said don't ever close your eyes
So please dont roll your eyes
Back into your head
I'll carry you to the car
I'll even pull you out of bed
So please don't hang it up
I'm not tracing your call
Just give me the address