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Confira a Letra Disappear From Here

Simon Joyner

Disappear From Here

There's a candlelight vigil for the new fallen hero
But I've got to move along or I'm counting to zero
Don't get me wrong, it's not that it numbs me
I give praise to the sunrise
And thanks every evening

I knew when the radio said so long
Cause there was static in the air
And the music was gone
But I can't believe it's disappeared
It can't vanish just cause he's not here

The clouds they all dash and they scatter as I'm writing
They crawl for their supper and they live for the lightning
But who knows when it's born or where it shall extinguish
Because it might be the barn, but it could be ambitious

I know I've said it once before
We're all targets, well that was just a metaphor
You have to be careful what you believe
When some terrified person tries to pin his fears on your sleeve

Josephine's out walking, she's got a seed in her belly
Her husband's a hoodlum, but she knows that I am steady
And when we go rambling it's always all or nothing
Cause if the lawn freezes over then the house becomes a prison

And the rain it can't reach us, her hands are too precious
And the sun lost his fingers, got them caught in an eclipse
If the highway folds up we'll drive through the canyon
With our blueprints on horseback and those echos in the wagon

When the farmers were deserted and the earth cracked up
The ocean responded with just a teacup
It rained for a second and then it was over
They looked down at their hands and suddenly they were older

I know when the harvest has come and gone
Cause there's no cotton in the air and even the weeds become brown
But I can't wait for them to turn
I've got to slash and I've got to burn
I've got to slash and burn

There's a man without hope kicking the ground
He's waiting for something to come and cut him down
He says the earth is too dry but his vision is so weak
He can't see the gold strained underneath his feet

I know when it's time to say so long
There'll be static in the air and the music will be gone
But I've got enough sense between my ears
To know what remains when I disappear from here
When I disappear from here
Disappear from here