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Confira a Letra The Black Dog

Simon Joyner

The Black Dog

The black dog has got twisted ears
The black dog has got a blind nose
His heart is racing with white worms
And he foams at the mouth
Children pass him on the sidewalk
They don't extend their hand
There's a fresh coat of paint in his eyes
And they don't want it to rub off on them

Have you ever seen a black dog?
Beware of the black dog

See the black dog by the gutter
Sniffing the wing of a dead bird
Well some things fly but fall
And some things never leave the earth
His tongue is sipping muddy water
His reflection is mixed in with the dirt
Some animals will die of hunger
But the black dog will never die of thirst

Have you ever touched a black dog?
Beware of the black dog

Look out your cracked window
Look up into the sky
Does your stomach hurt when you laugh?
Does your heart hurt when you dry?
Do you try and throw the sky a bone
When the night opens up it's mouth?
Does it make you feel all the more alone
To sit and watch the moon go down?

Has anybody seen my black dog?
Beware of the black dog