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Confira a Letra With a Heart

Simple Faith Band

With a Heart

With a heart full of hope, you can keep walking on
You can find the strength, when it seems it's all gone
Hoping beyond, what two eyes can see
Lookingto jesus, to find where you should be

With aheart full of faith, every mountain comes down
Trusting in your heart, with trouble all around
There's a faith that holds on, when all else lets go
Taking hold deep inside, where somehow you know

Witha heart fullof hope, god can get things done
With a heart full of faith, you can see his son
He can show you the way, with a heart full of love
To the heart of his own, with a heart from above

With a heart full of love, you can hope for the best
In the will of the lord, you'll have faith for the rest
Love can conquer all things, it will ever endure
And with love in your heart, you can always be sure


Now the pure in heart shall see him, his mercy shall obtain
He'll be there in the sunshine and the rain, you'll know