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Confira a Letra oh! America

Simple Faith Band

oh! America

we are such a nation, blessed of God, shapen in His hands
with purple mountain majesty, and ever fruitful lands
but we've gone so far away from Him, somehow someway we must
find what the real meaning is, when we say "in God we trust"
oh America you used to have the right to be proud
whenyou walked with God and spoke of Him
your voice was strong and loud
He's calling you to come back home, He's willing and ready to save
the land that used to be the land of the free and the home of the brave

how many times has He called to us, with love in His heart
we've got to seek the Lord while He is near, before we grow too far apart
the Lord begat us long ago, we didn't do it on our own
but sin has blinded all our sight, we're going to reap what we have sown
the Lord will have the final word, He'll finish what He has begun
that day is written inheaven, and no man will be able to run