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Confira a Letra Noel, Christmas Eve 1913

John Denver

Noel, Christmas Eve 1913

A frosty
Christmas Eve
When the stars
Where shining
I traveled
For the home
Where westward
Falls the hill
And for many
Many a village
In the darkness
Of the valley
Distant music
Reached me
Peels of bells
Were ringing

Then spread
My thoughts
To olden times
To that first
Of Christmases
When shepherds
Who were watching
Heard music
In the fields
And they sat there
And they marveled
And they knew
They could not
Tell whether
It were angels
The bright stars
A singing

But to me
Heard a far
It was
Starry music
The singing
Of the angels
The comfort
Of our Lord
Of old that come
A traveling
By the riches
Of the times
And I
Softly listened
As I stood
Upon the hill
And I
Softly listened
As I stood
Upon the hill

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