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Confira a Letra Justified Black Eye

Simple Plan

Justified Black Eye

She was confused and abused in this life
Emotional and violent moments
Seemed to take the longest time
Every single knockout dragout fight they ever had
He starts to laugh, he starts to lie
Suddenly, psychotic eyes

Every night she cried herself to sleep, she didn't recognize
Her own face in the mirror, black and blue
So afraid, intimidation, like a child she hides away
He'd always try to justify what wasn't true
Justified black eye

Taken for granted, she sleeps by the phone
Waiting for a call from him
But it seems he's never coming home
Fourteen beers later, he is there without an answer
Once again, she questions his lies
He goes to bed with no reply
Tomorrow morning, different story, and he'll be a different guy
He'll justify her black eye with another lie

She packs her bags, in great temptation
He's on his knees, again he cries
A hug and a kiss and a don't know why as a tear drops from her swollen eye
Apologies until tonight and then another
Justified black eye