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Confira a Letra You Are Everything (Remix)


You Are Everything (Remix)

Last night we had an argument
Afterwards i'm feelin' pretty bent
Then I took a drink, and I didn't think
What was in store for me
You didn't know, how she'll take it
Will she break it
You are everything
And everything is you

You are everything
And everything is you
You are everything
And everything is you
You are everything
And everything is you

Baby tell me are you playin' me
When you're lovin' me
When you're holdin' me
And when you're f***ing me
Are you playin' me, are you playin' me
You are everything to me
I'm wonderin' if you will see
That I will love you always

(Chorus) You are everythingx4

(Ja Rule)
Baby girl you tellin' lies
Cause when I looked you in your face
I can see i'm on your mind
And it don't matta what other h**s may say
I know your love is blind, for me
Every b***h needs a thug n***a in their life, truly
Could it be you enjoying f*****g you
While you be lovin' me, trick and destroy us mentally
That's why they freak wit me frequently
Love is life

Naw n***a life is love
take the baddest b***h ice her up
After the tour tell her keep in touch(N***a dats what's up)
Being Nokio's a bit much
Got b*****s ova seas that love to f**k
Got b*****s in the states taht love to suck
50 what the f**k ya'll want from me
Ghetto celebrity from b-more
Murderer do or die from the NY
Now everybody get right N-O-K-I-O baby
R-U-L-E baby, know a lot of ya'll b*****s hate me
Cause you can't relate to me
What the f**k you want from me
Let them h**s know know not a thing
Ice the wrist, neck, ear, and rings
Cause you know
(Chorus)You are everything (fade)

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