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Confira a Letra Glutton for Punishment

Six Hung Sprung

Glutton for Punishment

While trying to erase these feelings of captivity
And you are oblivious to this thing they call "free"
You don't realize all the faults of our economy
Well I guess no one does cause their so damn sneaky

Well I've got mine and you've got yours
But what about the foundation to every door
It belongs to the treasury I'll bet
They're using our doors towards the national debt

Who will really tell of the confidential info?
While they're too busy trying to scrounge up some more dough
For things that will "benefit" you and me
I can't see that becoming a reality

This payment that we owe
Will never be paid off
We just pay the interest
And they use the rest for golf

How can we pretend
That everything's alright
While we manniqunes walk around
And they're so fucking tight

Now I have graced you with my such and such
While some of you may stand tall the others may simply duck
6 trillion dollars owed but what will be seen
Invisible transactions but many people will bleed