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Confira a Letra Happy to Hate

Six Hung Sprung

Happy to Hate

I know you wonder why
I never seem to try
To be nice to you
But you know what I wanna do

If you'll look past my smile
You'll see through all this while
How I've been mean and rude
Cause I'm happy to hate you

Someday, you'll figure out
What I'm so mad about
Until that day comes
You'll wish you would have stayed at home

But really it's not your fault
that you have pissed me off
What it comes down to
Is I'm happy to hate you

There's a new band a ska band, In town
And they're so happy, funny funny gonna take all your money
We know that they suck
They always will
when people say that they're cool we say whats your deal

Well the people, the girls in town
Really dig the way they look and not so much the way they sound
But we know that they suck they always will
When people say that they're cool we say what's your deal

I'm just another guy
Trying to make it by
I know you're trying too
But I got some news for you

I'll always be around
Tearin' your posters down
And you'll still wonder
What happened to that nice guy