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Confira a Letra Let Me Be

Six Hung Sprung

Let Me Be

I'm a full grown man, held by my hand
untucking my shirt whenever I can
get away with, but I probably wont
cause they'll still be listening when I'm on the phone

Quit telling me who I Should be
One of these days I'll be one my own
Quit watching me, even stalking me
and let go of my hand, cause I'm gonna be a man

I'm in my 20's I wonder where I'd be
If i didnt listen when they say what's good for me
I guess its alright, I've never been in a fight
Probably cause I'm home before midnight

It would just be the same if I moved on
Things will never change, even when I'm gone
I know it seems strange, I know its not tough
That this would only change if I would speak up