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Confira a Letra The Tale of A Tail

Six Hung Sprung

The Tale of A Tail

He's got a curly cue mullet with a thick mustache
A constant two day beard with a shortage on cash
He's a thirty year old rebel in his teenage ways
His name is George Mullotte

George is strange but the same
As 1/3 of his country that is asking for change
He's a 30 year old rebel with some favors to ask
His name is George Mullotte

Cause his hair is an example to his way of life
Short with his temperaments, goals and strife
Longs with his drunkard nights and boring a%@ stories
No one really laughs with him, just at him

George pissed me off, you might could tell
The only place for him is a spot in jail
30 years of an apathetic life
Nothing for George Mullotte

Is he happy, will he ever change
No he's not happy, because of his mange
A simple hair cut would suffice

His father raised him the way him father showed [him]
Hems are not a part of his clothes
His mother is his sister and his grandmother
Too bad for George Mullotte

He's got a mullet