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Confira a Letra Insomniac's World

Six Hung Sprung

Insomniac's World

the 20 hour days are wearing you down your reaction to everything is a frown your equilibrium is screaming inside all you want is to run and hide you want to go out but have no reason you want to go out but no one wants your pleasing the red in your eyes seems to never stop close your eyes or youre
gonna drop reality is knocking at your door the ticking of time means nothing to you people walk by and get scared of you your shirt tails out just wandering about youre in the insomniacs world you thought that you could just get by but working all night it just wont fly loneliness hurts you friends still exist they wont put up with your angry fits your lack of friends caused by sarcasm created from your little syndrome sleep deprivation is in your head close your eyes or youll wind up dead