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Confira a Letra The Pick Throw

Six Hung Sprung

The Pick Throw

eyes glued open with my favorite band playing a show little did i realize my head would receive a blow one hit that was it now i cant see anything that little twirp the one who thought hed give his pick-a-flick my world is blurred the pick throw has occurred it may seem cool to litter the floor with all your
gear just as long as youre aware youre putting all us in danger please be kind to others arms flailing in the air the band thinks theyre the bomb but in reality im blind and cant remain clam the very first time i saw it i didnt know the fad now i realize the tactic is boring and so sad what about those guys that make those picks youre trashing what they do how would you feel if i took your work and played it for less than true please be kind to others