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Confira a Letra Dallas

I see a kid and he looks like me
Got a face full of fear and a heart full of dreams
If I thought that you'd ever come down
I swear I
Follow the pain for she leads to your place of Recovery.
Am I?

Am I fit to see tomorrow
or have I lost the fight with today


I see a scratch and I close my eyes
I'm not afraid to say I'm not afraid to die
What's death when you're living like this
homeless and you lack true friends

Am I fit to see tomorrow
or have I lost the fight with today

Decided by myself
that modesty might be the way
I find out who I am
but the world won't know my name

Why do I mourn your death
when I'm the one who died.

King Cobra!

C-thru and then im No Class
and then I'm sloppy
but then I digress
Under the Weather
but sloppy was better

Things are fine when I wake up tomorrow
things are fine if