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Confira a Letra Another Horror Movie

Smmrtime Heroes

Another Horror Movie

You were the prettiest girl in town, but even in your bedroom you were never safe from harm.
People close to you are dying one by one and you know of the man who swore revenge.
Did you know the headlines say there is a killer on the loose?
He won't stop until you and all your friends are dead.

Watch out! Look Back! You gotta run! Don't go out to the backyard
The killer is over there just waiting for you
Watch out! Look back! Turn off the shower don't stay in the bathroom
Because he's coming this way, and once he's there you'll have no escape.

Please think twice before going out to party the killer will track you down
and even if you manage to escape all of your friends could end up dying
and you'll end up alone on your bed and crying.

Before he dies in the last scene
You'll find out all of his motives.
Now you can go home without getting worried about tomorrow
Even if it feels that it's not over yet.

Did you know the headlines say the killer is still on the loose
And that's another not original horror movie end.