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Confira a Letra Midnight Love

Snoop Dogg

Midnight Love

Midnight love, midnight love, midnight love, midnight
love, ohhhhh

(Chorus: Raphael Saadiq)

midnight love
troubles plots on thee mind
midnight love
leave your back door open
midnight love
this heaven's ready for me
midnight love
back door little druggie's callin for you

I'm makin things cappin fast
ain't no need to wait around for what never seems to
come along
face lookin stupid broke startin
feelin dumb, I'm young but I'm a grown man
takin thangs into my own hands
I'm tryin to own here
but life a twist ya like a twister
get twisted with this
it seems on but its off
I keep missin this shit
I'm high but I try, to stay focused wide out
lookin dead at the chips
I blink they dip
its hard to hang on but I can't let go
smokin on my last breath
blow out life whats left is death
now I can go on or I can G or make a right
whatever way that I turn its still death after life
it dont discourage me, I ain't got nuthin to lose
but some punks that probably never turn the money to
but I learn cuz I see, and I earn cuz I G
but these problems probably havin niggaz prayin to see
at an early age so at an early stage in life
I chose to get my ish tight ya gotta struggle and
it cost an arm and a leg just to live on your knees
and I'm tryin to keep my sanity God help me please


Mischeavius and devious is how my life was
puttin the serve down for cabbage just to keep the
niggaz buzzed
some of the money makin muthafuckaz from the other
was thinkin about a jack move tryin to whoo-ride
gettin jealous cuz my music got this rap game sewn up
them niggaz wanna trip whatever back they get blowed
blown up or not you can still get shot
you dont never play those muthafuckaz I'll always not
rule number one, pay attention to this shit
dont be fuckin wit my niggaz on the midnight shift
shit shiggy shack, gettin it on, to the break of dawn
now he's known for servin more than an oz. so
he's got a 187 on his muthafuckin chest
a strap in his lap and a bulletproof vest
he's lookin for the music from the night before
trouble 1, he layin low all in gettin that dough


Now its all about the dollars
Impalas that bounce
havin cars and bitches on a proper amount
caught a million chillin
robbin banks for many muthaz son
life and darkness
we all get it started, cold hearted
all around it my life won't change for the good
as soon as I walk out the door, I'm called by the hood
Daz, would you come and ride for me,
hey yo Daz would you soldier would you would you and
die for me
the tradition's got a lot of niggaz killin for dumb
the OGs think then brung guns to control shit
every midnight I be loaded, high as a kite
besides with the drama the dog fight street fight
and a lot a mob puttin on mo
problems solved, but revolved whatever with a fo-fo
but sure I did the record blast five times
254 sentence to jail time

Midnight love
I've been walkin the street
midnight love
I put my life on the line
midnight love
Cuz I've just gotta be me
midnight love