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Confira a Letra Icu (feat. Terrace Martin)

Snoop Dogg

Icu (feat. Terrace Martin)

Yeah, Big Snoop Dogg
I see u, u see me
C-mon, uh... (Malice n' Wonderland)

[Chorus: x2]
I see u, u see me
I'm watching and u watching

[Verse: 1]
Three piece, I'm [?] up
Cash in hand, I'm [?] up
Pocket watch the big [?], I'm [?] up
Feelin' good in da club so I threw it up
Oh dogg sick 'em
My hair [?] like a victim
Steppin' through the club with precision
Trynna keep it cool, cause pimpin on a mission, listen (listen)
Black dress and blue eyes, it's too fly
No friends she attend like two [?]
No lie, baby thinking 'bout my fo' five
Cute face, but I don't chase the cho cha
You digg? Shot a lady to the swig
She all up in my candy like a kid
Lookin to my eyes, she already know the bizz
I'm on the auction block and she puttin up her [?]

[Chorus: x2]
I see u, u see me
I'm watching and u watching

[Verse: 2]
Maybe it's the things that I do
Skyline flying in Peru
Maybe it's the game when I spit that, silly brose get back.
Break a chick down like a kit cat, you feel that?
Old ford, I hold the ford on my side.
She wanna get in the ride and got a wide eye
She already know the bizz
Slippin' through the hood and some slide on my bed

[Chorus: x2]
I see u, u see me
I'm watching and u watching

[Bridge: x2]
When u step in the room, I see u staring at me
[?] in the VIP

[Verse: 3]
Baby lookin at me cause [?] what it is.
Stepin on a landy with candy up at the crib
Cameras goin off, they lovin just how I live
I'm a long [?]
Starin a pimp, I love what she can do
Sex in the face, I feel like looking at u
Boss to the Boss, money make [?]
Rollin twenty wind, no loses (Uh Uh)
She ready to go and a pimp know it
Smooth with the talk, she say I sound like a poet.
Pull up in december, babygirl limber
Trynna knock u down like timber (Timber!)
I'm ready to roll, she wanna play
Wispered in my ear: "Tomorrow is too late"
Snoopy with an ease, baby know the bizz
Mommy wanna do it in the bed

[Chorus: x2]
I see u, u see me
I'm watching and u watching