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Confira a Letra Bitch Please

Snoop Dogg

Bitch Please


Yeah time to bring your ass to the table y'all,
It's X to the Z, Xzibit, yeah, Snoop double G, uh O.G,
(Westcoast, Los Angeles) Uh, bring it live,
Dr. Dre What Throwin' up a big W Coverin' up the world,
Right Yeah, listen, look

You ain't tryin to high box with me,
I'm swing hard liquor goin' down by the second round,
All for the underground Hideout sound,
Xzibit mackin' down for my conflict fuck the nonsense,
Terrorist hit a bomb shit blast with metal in every direction,
Innocent bystanders taught a very hard lesson,
I'm the reason there's no time to reach for that weapon,
And reason why niggaz promise keep on steppin',
Xzibit ready to scrap like Mike Tyson with his license back,
9 to 5, minimum wage what type of lights is that,
For me it not for me you fuckin' round with the Sundance Kid
And Butch Cassidy you outta your destiny you don't wanna tangowith the X,
Strangle your neck slap like the opposite sex drunk drivin'tryin' to stack my loot,
While other rappers gettin' treated like a prostitute so checkthe sound scale.

[Snoop Dogg]

All I wanna be was a G ha,
My whole life, nigga please ha,
Breakin' on these motherfuckin' keys ha,
Let's get these motherfuckin' G's ha,
Nigga you don't wanna fuck with this.

Oh no, big Snoop Dogg back up in the heazy baby,
You jockin' my style you so crazy,
Dre said, ain't No Limit to this as,
Long as we drop gangsta shit,
Look here bitch You fine and I dig your style,
Come fuck with a nigga do it Doggystyle,
I'll be gentile, sentimental,
Shit we fucked in a rental Lincoln Continental,
Coast to coast L.A. to Chicago,
I get this pussy everywhere that I go,
(Yeah nigga you know what's happenin' man)
X-ing bitches and your click can't say no,
(These bitches know what time it is)
I get this pussy everywhere that I go,
(Yeah, oh, a story bout a nigga like me)
X-ing bitches and your click can't say no,
(I'ma hip these hoes, nigga)


Bitch please Get down on your god damn knees,
For this money, chronic, blow that weed,
You fuckin' with some real O.G's,
Bitch please, Bitch please Get down on your motherfuckin'knees,
We came to get the motherfuckin' G's,
Yeah, you fuckin' with some real O.G's,
You dick tease.

[Snoop Dogg]

Bitch please now what you need to do is
Hand my coat and roll me some dough in,
Different strokes for different folks,
Oh, you like settin' niggas up and gettin' them loc's,
Oh, cute lil' bitch with a whole lot hard,
Shit get thick when the lights get dark,
She said she got some lick for me,
Worked about 200 G's and 30 keys,
Now check this out Dre Snap if I don't move,
Then a nigga like me Shit I don't lose,
But you know me Dogg I'm movin',
Ain't nothin' to it, but to get the groovin',
You've been waitin' on a nigga like me,
To take your chance and ride with men and beat up the pussy,
A victim off the circumstance,
Pass the devil They always wanna dance,
See we grow up with a bang I'm tryin' to work this cold thing,
And take this whole thing,
I get the money everywhere that I go,
I bust a bitch and take her money fo' sho',
I get the money everywhere that I go,
I bust a bitch and take her money fo' sho',

[Nate Dogg] X4

Ayyo, ayyo, ayyo,
You don't wanna step to me,
Still claimin' DPG,
Till the day I D-I-E.