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Confira a Letra Sugar Cane

Sonny Landreth

Sugar Cane

once I had a little girl
brought a smile into my world
so sweet she had a name
called her sugar cane

sugar cane was natural born
Cajun from the country lord
I swear she was the sweetest thing
I loved that sugar cane

sugar cane would go to town
and all the men folk turned around
makin' eyes they'd want to try
to steal her away from me

but I got my knife and I'd hold her hand
so them boys would understand
don't mess around I mean it man
I love my sugar cane

and then one day she had to leave
and travel far away from me
lord I was lonesome
like I'd never been before

and then one night I fell asleep
and dreamed she had come back to me
and when I woke next morning
yes she's knocking on my door

I said sugar cane
ya done come back baby
never gonna leave again