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Confira a Letra Natural World

Sonny Landreth

Natural World

there's somethin' in the air
i breathe this mornin'
caution in the wind
whisperin' warnings
about the melting ice
the rising tide
the burning forest
smoke signal in the sky
the shifting plates
under brick and steel
the ground we stand on
that's under the drill

the natural world is talkin'
the natural world got plenty to say

you can hear the story
but can you swallow the tale
about me and you
and poison in the well?
about stripping the mountain
to the naked truth
about a fall from grace
from the burden of proof
about a shot in the dark
a flare on the sun
an ivory tower
a poacher's gun
about bloody tracks
stained hands
a slick on the ocean
a line in the sand

the natural world is talkin'
the natural world got plenty to say