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Confira a Letra In Love With Your Sister

South Diesel

In Love With Your Sister

In love with sister
Oh god, exile my eyes
You are the one supposed to protect her
You are the one supposed to police her

In love with your sister
War on every stud around
Infernal chains in your soul
So just, leave the girl alone

All of this family type speech of yours
It´s all just retoric, disease, inside, so deep

Protecting the virginal frail beside your room

Gonna die, gonna kill down on homicidal rage
Never addmiting what your mouth can speak
Fact my brother in front of your eyes
What you say, what you see, what you do
In love with your sister

In love with your sister
Incestuozoid dreaming, intercourse
Libido´s calling the bastard
Imnsoniac, tentacles of lust
In love with your sister
Murder lovers just to justify
Any male who comes around
Shall meets it´s, dying beastly end