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Confira a Letra 6th Street

Space Wolves

6th Street

I get my drugs on the corner of 6th street,
‘Cause all my white friends charge too much.
I keep on saying that I’ll kick the habit.
I never do, ‘cause I love to lose touch.

And I take another puff. I just can’t get enough,
‘Cause I love to lose touch.

When we met, I fell so quickly.
I didn't know you’d leave such scars.
You turned me to an alcoholic,
And I’m too young for the bars.

So I take another shot. I drink up all I got,
‘Cause I love to lose touch.

And I keep on replaying it time, and time, and time.
And I can’t remember the last time I felt fine.
I want to be numb.

When I court that idle mistress
And ruminate on my regrets,
I take a swig and roll another
Marijuana cigarette.

And I’m blinded by the hash, and drowned in sour mash,
‘Cause I love to lose touch.