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Confira a Letra All The Talk

Space Wolves

All The Talk

I keep my secrets guarded and stay locked in my home.
Are my secrets worth the effort that I’m always alone?
Is it true that they dislike me? Am I really that bad?
Should I hide away in silence just to silence the gab?

Do they talk me from the moment I turn my back?
Are their tongues aligned against me, always on the attack?
Am I really worth the effort of the slander and lies,
Or is it a conspiracy inside of my mind?

Will it always be so painful to be heard by any other man?

Is it fear or is it loathing that makes me shy away?
Is there something wrong with me that makes me feel so betrayed?
And I’m afraid of everything that can be written in chalk.
I’m afraid of everything, so why not fear all the talk?

I’m always alone.