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Confira a Letra The Attack (Part 2)


The Attack (Part 2)

Alienized psychics of the underworld
Feeding off life pleasuring to kill
They welcomes us to the new millenium
Where the living are for revenge
Denied by the outer system
Radiation, cancer implode

A desperate cry for help
To save humanity
A plague grown by man
Perishing, our only means of life
The remorseless serial killers
Are the cannibal of pollutions

Late at night the evil strikes
Another feasting delight
Ripping of the cranium
Dislocating cycle
Opening doors to travel time
Walking the dead, changing the ways

The two worlds set apart
Pushing us to retreat
The struggle has ended
We are all scattered across the land

Behold comet the dark clouds
Piercing the remains of the ozone
A sensation of decomposing fragments
Dismanting our intellects by scars
Bring us back to the prehistoric days

Light is just memory
There's no one here to fight
Hunger and poverty
The invasion is now complete
Mankind will be incanated
On their hands and knees
For those who slovenly survives
Suffering and paying the price

The city are covered with hate
The sky summoned the evil dragon
And the soldiers of the abyss

There now here to rule and
Teach us the ways
To punish the living
Torture to death
To look away the secrets
From the evil slaves