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Confira a Letra The Corner Of My Ceiling


The Corner Of My Ceiling

One more day has gone by
Not knowing if Im going to have a better life
Once again I've gone into another sleeping phase
Not thinking I stare at the corner of my celling

When the gazing stops
I'm lost in a deep trance
Where there at least
I often get a indefinitate state of mind
The darkness take the throbbing of my eyes
Everlasting needles poking leisurly to my perishment

Alone in my room
Thinking of the past
Where all my thoughts where simple
Decisions without reflection
Now my life being changed
There's a part of me washed away

More than once did I dream of something not complicated
You and I leave each other without thoughts

As long as my conscience is in tranquility
She will try to take over my tortured soul
The only means of escaping is in by intoxication
By breathing in light perfumes
They transport me to a new destiny