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Confira a Letra A Canterbury Tale


A Canterbury Tale

There's smoke in the hills
And dust in the valley
They're burning candles now in Canterbury
And there's roads that go East
And roads that go West
And roads to the sea to see where the seagulls fly

And there was a group who played in the country
And sang through the changes
Young hearts must needs be finding

I see dispersion
New roads are calling us
And though that means a parting
It is not for always
You should not be lonely
How I'm going to miss you

What do you think of yourself
Do you think of yourself
As a lion or a tiger?
Do you have eyes for the dark
Can you play in the park
With no fear of the strangers?

We will not be frightened

How do you handle your life
Are you conquered by strife
Are you wholly receptive?
Are you surrendered to doubt
Do you keep a look out
Are you open to changes?

We will not be frightened