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Confira a Letra Disraeli's Problem


Disraeli's Problem

Just seen the soldiers on patrol in Derry
What they thinking?
Bet they wish they could stay at home
Go out drinking in the evening

Just seen the newsprint tonight
Violence increasing, an explosion
Suddenly a public house went off bang
Foul play suspected, someone's cheating

Surely you see at the top of the stairs
A young mother cries
Convinced that her husband lies bleeding, defying
While 13 more died
See how her eyes glow
She's going insane
And you tell me enquiries will show
Who's to blame
But next Sunday at 2, it will happen again, again.

So you think you can get away
Go down to Brighton for a season
Discuss the issues from day to day
Looking for reasons on paper

Surely you see at the side of the road
What looks like a bomb
Shoppers with children lie bleeding and dying
But what have they done
See how our eyes glow
We're going insane
And you tell me enquiries will show
Whose to blame
But Maudling, you fool, it will happen again, again