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Confira a Letra Old Boot Wine


Old Boot Wine

Don't be scared of shadows
Nasty man who lurk
Lots of rotten bullies
Pushing you around
They will never steal
What it means to feel
The wonders of being without

Where i stand it seems that existence
Is resistance to despair
Now i know my life's not been easy
But at least it has been there
Sometimes there'll be good times
Some folk can be kind
But the wind that blows inside us
Will be blind

For this time i have waited for ages
All my pages have been dry
I've been lost in the swirling of potions
All my motions have been high
Over every molehill
Under every mile
For the essence of motion is devotion
To the wheel

So you see i'm not going to mind it
Or define it in degrees
Every inch of being is like old time
Is the right time to be free