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Confira a Letra The Duke Of Beaufoot


The Duke Of Beaufoot

The Duke of Beaufort
Is not at home today
He's very tired
He thought he'd go away
You wait for him,
Your eyes are on the door
You know no other way

The Duke of Beaufort
Is very kind to cats
Keeps them in his cellar
To help him catch his rats
He's very noble
And his lineage is pure
But you, you're a whore

The Duke of Splendour
Just wasn't much amused
And nor were you
You knew you'd been abused
If you'd had help
You might have buggered up his fuse
But alone, you're too confused

"He picked me up, I was on the street
He made it clear he would use me
My parents died, I was three years old
I had to make a living"
Close your eyes, close your eyes

"In a lot of ways, I'm close to him
Though he may seem to ignore it
I'm sure he cares,
At least, I think he does
It's just he's very busy"
Close your eyes, close your eyes
Here's today says the ‘Telegraph'
It's the world, it's the world!
Gone away on a phonograph
Riding high, riding high

There's a way says the Cenotaph
You will find, you will find
Gone in search of an Epitaph
Running wild, running wild

You saw them coming forward
Asking you to be kind
You couldn't face their council
They were men full of greed
In your position nothing's sacred
You have only the wine

You stand alone
But not alone in your loneliness
And yet there must be more
I can't believe that all has been in vain

And if there is it's
Be sure of friendship
As the hours grow long
Rest assured that this phase is passing
Give yourself a chance