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Confira a Letra The Furthest Point


The Furthest Point

Body and matter just flow
Into an infinite number of variables
Which can be meaningless or false
Or disproved by scientific negotiations
Whilst love, mind and limb
Are easily interchangeable
In the hands of physicians
Perfectly equipped
With all the modern devices
So you stand there, merely bewildered
And looking at the moon

We are the stars
We are the furthest point you can see
We are we

Don't be sad if I should say
That once upon a time I was a young man
Filled with thoughts of special beauty
Living well on hopes
But nothing solid
Life, life

Turn away and make a million
Gather all you can and make it your land
But remember, at the end
You'll look and see you're nothing but a dead man
Life, life

We, who started off so wide eyed
Never doubted success
But we were foolish to undertake such a mammoth task
As re-organisation of molecular history
And there's absolutely no basis
For any particular currency of thought
When living in
Mcluhan's media, awareness area
Communicating with each atom that explodes

We are the stars
We are the furthest point you can see
We are we

Who can you trust to be your friend in this division
When standing in the middle of a mighty bad collision
It's always best to stay amused

Well us lot here we're waiting for a big salvation
Someone whose gonna stop decay and go on with creation
Someone whose gonna save the world

The sort of chap who bridges gaps and sorts out muddles
A smashing bloke who'll help the dregs and drag big heads in puddles
I wonder if it might be me

But no that's daft you're nowhere near to being that super
No our chap, he'll be just the job the sort to have in clinches
We'll know him, cause he'll be alive
We'll know him, cause he'll be alive
We'll know him, cause he'll be alive

If you are old, you may be moved
You'll know all things must pass
And you will think about the song
You sang when you were young
And there was glory