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Confira a Letra Say Little Prayer

Lissah Martins

Say Little Prayer

The moment I wake up,
Before I put on my make up
I say a little prayer for you
While combing my hair now
And wondering which dress to wear now
I say a little prayer for you

Forever,and ever, you'll stay in my heart
And I will love you
Forever and ever we never will part
Oh, how I love you
Together, forever that's how it must be
To live without you
Would only be heart break for me

I run for the bus dear,
While riding I think of us, dear
I say a little prayer for you
At work I just take time,
And all through my coffee break time
I say a little prayer for you

My darling' believe me,
For me there is no one but you
Please love me too
I'm in love with you
Answer my prayer
Say you love me too
Why don't you answer my prayer, yeah
You know every day I say a little prayer
I say, I say, I say a little prayer