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Confira a Letra The Fold Up

Spooky Black

The Fold Up

You should've seen what that dough did
A hundred and ten through the forest
Catching fire with no one to notice
And you're horny
And it's not like me to come home late
You keep calling
Now they're lighting up alone
Someone [?] lose my sweet, I left your side
No you can't hide this time
You call their bluff, you hope they die
Our life's just started, how could I die?
I told you I was yours to keep
No you're not dreaming, I slid to sleep
You keep on running, losing heat girl
Please stop running, rest your feet
They find me
Metal of bar in the pine trees
Last meal before bed, now he's rising
Soak it up quick in the lightning
Such a pity, guess you'll have to go back to the city
I know that it's tough girl, I get it
I'll save you the ride, so get in yeah
On your bed looking forward to the end (how far?)
Dropped out of school, how you gonna pay the rent? (no job)
When we left, they set fire where you slept (burn it all)
Broken hearts, tell me what did you expect?
How does it feel pushing deep into your arm?
Wouldn't call it self harm, yeah you swear it's how you are
The reaper's come to collect now
Girl that blade on your chest won't help now
Way to go, weak, skin's growing cold
Tell me who the fuck knows? Don't believe it, what was told
Just shut your eyes, better keep 'em both closed
Hopin' something more just to keep us controlled
It's all good, all good, all good
I'd bury you myself, baby, only if I could
Seems you'll have to rot on the 14th floor
Until the smell is through the door, couldn't ask for much more
You folded
Wish I'd had seen what that dope did
Hold you close like that time that your nose bled
Dying slow with no-one to notice
Now it's morning
And the couple above you is moaning
And your bones ache
Now it's time to try once more
It's time to try once more
It's time to try once more
It's time to try once more