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Confira a Letra Be My Angel

Mazzy Star

Be My Angel

They say it's me,
That makes you do things
You might not have done,
If I was away

And that's it's me,
That likes to talk to you
And watches you,
As you walk away

Don't say it's useless,
Don't say forget it
Don't bring me wishes,
Of silly dreams

Just save us all,
From too much freedom
Too many fingers,
And too many things

They say it's you,
That washes the weary
And brings the night into the day

If you won't notice,
How can I show you
All of you worries,
Have all gone away

Don't leave me lonely,
Don't leave me unhappy
Just bring me up into your fate

If you don't need me,
Then don't deceive me
Letting my freedom turn into stone

Just be my angel,
If you love me
Be my angel,
In the night
Be my angel,
'cause you need me
Be my angel,
And treat me right

Don't say you love me,
If you don't need me
Don't send me roses,
On your behalf

Just take me down,
And walk through your river
Down the middle,
And make it last

Holding on to you,
Holding on to me
Holding on tight,
'till my love is crossed

Don't say it's useless,
And don't say forget it
You are my spirit,
Now you are gone