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Confira a Letra She's My Baby

Mazzy Star

She's My Baby

She´s my baby, She belongs to me
But yesterday she walked home all alone
Everybody else, looks at my baby
Then they wandered over to me
But baby´s feelin´ bad today
She said she´s thinking of goin´ away
Oh baby I´m cryin´, And my body´s flyin´
But I remember you
She´s my baby, Ain´t that something
But I know she belongs to you
Yesterday was another day, when I,
Saw your baby, walkin´ home alone,
I´m feelin´ sorry
I called you but I
I guess that I forgot your name
Baby´s feelin´ bad today
She said she´s thinkin´ of goin´ away
But she´s just like lightning
She goes right through you
Then you know you´ll never
Be the same
Now everybody looks
All around the corner
Just to see your baby
Walkin´ home
She´s my baby, Ain´t that something
But I know that she belongs to you
She belongs to you