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Confira a Letra Come Around

Stars Go Dim

Come Around

You've got to believe me
When i say i'll follow you
Through the depths of higher water
Till the end i'll fight for you
I'll wait till you come around
'till you find yourself in you
'till you find that there is no one
Who could love you more than me

And i'll wait till i'm your last memory
And i hold you till you fall in love

Cause i'll be here
When you come around
I'll never be the one to
Put you out or put you down
Your life will never be the same
When you're with me honey
Everything seems to fall in place
Some how i'll be here
When you come around

You have your doubts on love
You will always have your fears
You will have your apprehensions
Scared that love will lead to tears
I will always be
Right here waiting for you
Cause forever love doesn't always
Come around everyday


So take your time, don't you worry girl
I don't want to rush you into anything
That you're not ready for
'cause when the time is right you know
That i'll be waiting here
To love you girl
I'll never let you go