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Confira a Letra Crazy

Stars Go Dim


Isn't it crazy
How life slips right into your life
Forces everything else to the side
Fall in love at a glance, and that's alright

Isn't it crazy
How we never felt so alive
Until your world collided with mine
Trade love for a chance, that's alright

I knew I wanted you the first time
That I saw you walk by
That I need you forever
When your eyes met mine
I loved you the first time
I heard you speak my name
You'd be the beauty in my life, always

I never knew I could love someone
Never knew I could feel so complete
After all is said and done
Our love will still be holding up strong
I'd give all I have for love, that's alright


After all we have each other
Nothing can hold us back from all
That this life has put in our path
We will survive