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Confira a Letra Theme From The Stars


Theme From The Stars

The stars are out tonight
And you can see them quite clearly if your timing's right
They cast a special light
The stars will sink at dawn
And we'll be left in the cold light of the coming morn
And then we'll carry on, we'll carry on
We'll carry on

I saw the sun again
And I was happy to be there with my one true friend
Until the very end
And when the sun had gone, we said goodbye to the day
And then we carried on, we carried on, we carried on
We carried on, we carried on...

So when you sleep my love
Breathe once and then say goodnight up to the sky above
And that will be enough
And send your peace to them
The ones who were here before
And we'll be happy then
Then watch the stars descend
Then watch the stars descend
Then watch the stars descend
Then watch the stars descend
La la la la la la
La la la la la la...