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Confira a Letra The Comeback


The Comeback

Just got back from the Land of Nod
Cast me dreams on a fishing rod
I was tired but now I'm strong
I woke up, I rose, I wrote this song
Back once more to entertain you
Here with the bride of the man who loved you
It gets dark and I get restless
Taken and I didn't
Always left me breathless
Hear it again
I'm glad to be here
With pop songs and why do I feel fear?
When parties die at 3AM,
Why I always have to wind 'em up again?

This is, my big comeback
Angel, sabateur, a throwback
Come on! Dust off the eight track
And let me in, let me in

Slept right up
And hear my story
I've dug ditches on the road to glory
I've painted signs on the path of fame
Cul de sac; "Turn around, don't come this way again!"
So introduce and a pat of wine
And now that I'm holding you I should be fine
I'll call you when I'm back in town
The sun is cold and it's going down

That's the price I pay
For being shameless

And that's the price I pay for coming back
I'm coming back

Get out of bed
I'm gonna beat your life

Get out of bed
I'm gonna beat you