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Confira a Letra Wishful



Wishful in the dark
We met in the park
Waiting for your hand
I was sure you could hear my heart
Lean in to that side of me
No one else ever seems to see
Find the hidden lullaby
Swing me low, swing me high

How it was divine
You bring me down

Phone under my bed
Messages light up in neon red
Closed my eyes, I see you there
Doing things I could never dare
Ask, ask, at last you ask
Cold enough, I can see your breath
Baby your misery just might save me

How it was divine
You took me down

Busted in the yard
Your mother's face was the scary part
Jumped the fence, cut my leg
Blood for you in the great escape
Wishful in the dark
Seven years since we split apart
I saw you once
I hid behind
The memory and the power line